Friday, 29 June 2012

Ankaragucu president Ilyas Ertan Sumer resigns !

Ankaragucu president Ilyas Sumer has tonight resigned from the club. Sumer took over at the end of last year following the departure of Sami Altinyuva. Tonight he claimed how difficult his time at the club was and asked where the money for Ishak Dogan, Turgut Dogan and the Fenrbahce ticket sales have went.

With Ankaragucu loosing all there players and serving a transfer ban, Sumer found himself with the impossible task of being the man responsible for helping Ankaragucu through these tough times.


  1. Is this significant? Good news for Gucu or not?

  2. If there were someone better to take his place it would be good news barnsy, the problem is no one wants to come in and take on the debt. We will know next saturday as thats when the congress is.