Sunday, 24 June 2012

Welcome to The Ankaragucu Iskocya Blog !

Many people always ask the question, Why Ankaragucu ? Most people outside Turkey don't even know who Ankaragucu are. Truth is, I've been a fan of Turkish football since i saw Manchester United take on Galatasaray many years ago in Istanbul. The Manchester United players were greeted at the airport by Galatasaray fans with banners reading Welcome to Hell and they created an atmosphere in an airport of all places.

From then on I kept an eye on Turkish Football, and players like Georgie Hagi, Alex and Jay Jay Okocha raised the profile. Just over three years ago i came across a Blog called The Round Ball in Ankara, it is dedicated to football fans in Ankara who support Ankaragucu and Genclerbirligi. The Blog was in English and it meant I could keep up to date with what was going on without having to use dodgy translation on google. Reading through some of the Blogs on Ankaragucu and their crazy fans saw me make up my mind pretty quickly they were the team for me.

Three months later I decided to take the trip to Ankara with the Mrs for the match between Ankaragucu vs Fenerbahce. We were given VIP treatment by the Kankalar Group and a tour round the city, we managed to get our first strips thanks to Harun who can get a hold of anything to do with Ankaragucu. Above I'm pictured with my two American friends Damon and Jamie who i sat with in Gecekondu for the match. Gecekondu are one of the main ultra groups who are loyal and make a lot of noise.

We entered the stadium about 2 hours before kick off and the place was bouncing, Ankaragucu fans with their drums being led by the Ultra leaders. Everyone stood at the game as it was safe terracing and what a difference it makes to the atmosphere. Unfortunately we lost 3-0 thanks to some dodgy Goalkeeping from our Goalkeeper Serkan Kirintil who the next week signed for Fenerbahce, surprise surprise.

Although we lost, I was hooked and we decided to go back a couple of months later as Ankaragucu took on brother team Bursaspor. This time we lost 5-1 but again the atmosphere and trip were memorable.  I will be travelling back to Ankara again this September when the fixture lists are announced to cheer Ankaragucu on in the First Division ! Anyone who is looking for something different in football, i would highly recommend a trip to Ankara.

A special thanks goes to my fellow Scotsman Jim Chalmers who is the biggest die hard Ankaragucu fan you will meet.


  1. I'm lovin' this new blog of yours, BK.

  2. Thanks Damon, its a lot better than the website i had and looks better to. Reviews are a lot higher to so just need to keep spreading the word lol