Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ankaragucu 0-0 1461 Trabzon

Ankaragucu returned to action tonight as they drew 0-0 in Nevsehir with 1461 Trabzon. With all the off field problems it was good for the players to get back to playing football. The team lined up : Bayram, Aytac, Emre, Volkan, Umut, Bilal, Kaan, Mert, Sinan, Timur, Hasan.

In other news off the field, Ankaragucu will start the season with -12 points unless they pay 700,000 Euros to UEFA. Reports tonight claim the club may even loose their membership from Bank Asya which means no football this season.

The congress will be held on Saturday, Mehmet Ural was favourite to become president but it now looks like he wont run for president. Saturday could be the biggest day in the history of the club.


  1. Miracles happen sometimes ..... don't they ??!!

  2. we are going to need the biggest of them tomorrow jim