Friday, 6 July 2012

Ankaragucu congress postponed again !

Concerns over the future of Ankaragucu grew today as the clubs Presidential elections were postponed for the fouth time. A new date has been set for the 28th July. Earlier this week club directors sold more players in an effort to pay off the transfer ban. Only Mehmet Ural was thought to be a candidate.

It gives Ankaragucu more time to find a better candidate but time is running out for the club from the capital. In other news Ankaraspor have announced they will play in Bank Aysa next season. This means there is one team more than expected. Could Ankaraspor take the place of Ankaragucu ? Or could the clubs even merge ?


  1. Perhaps this is a bit premature, but has there been a fixture list produced yet for the coming season?

  2. When all hope is gone, "a longshot is better than none!"

    Take inspiration from this:

  3. fixtures have not been announced yet barnsey, will likely be end of this month.

    We need to keep believing that something good will happen