Saturday, 7 July 2012

Ankaragucu in danger of liquidation !

The former two time Turkish Cup winners are in big trouble of loosing their 103 year history unless someone comes in and saves the club in the next three weeks. Through these difficult times one man has stood shoulder to shoulder with the fans and players, Manager Hakan Kutlu who spent his whole career at the club as a player. This week however it looks like even he has had enough of all the lies and corruption by the management. Tension has grown between him and Cemal Aydin and it looks like he could step down in the next couple of days.

With today's congress been cancelled for the fourth time it now leaves the clubs future in the balance. With the transfer ban still in place and no candidate willing to take on the club, it will take a miracle if the club is to come through this. Ankaragucu now face been kicked into the Turkish third division as the club have failed to pay the licence fee of 7,500 Turkish Lira to play in the Turkish first division.

Ankaraspor now look set to play in the Bank Aysa first division, and one thing that cant be ruled out is the two clubs merging. Questions have to be asked where all the businessmen of Ankara are, where are the rich fans of Ankaragucu in the clubs hour of need ? As Darius Vassell said, Ankaragucu are a club that gives so much, but never gets anything back.


  1. This is a sad moment in a football club's great history. Can we hope for a miracle, or ..... will be end up with AS Ankaragucu with the Gokceks again at the helm ??

  2. It looks that way Jim, but the only problem is that we would loose all our history if the Gokceks get their way. Ankaraspor would just change their name to Ankaragucu A.S so it will still be Ankaraspor. The Ankaragucu that we support will be dead.