Saturday, 28 July 2012

Bent Ahlat named new Ankaragucu president !

In what can only be described as the most important day in the history of Ankaragucu, it looks like some good news for the club and its fans today. The clubs congress was held this afternoon where Bent Ahlat won the majority votes and will now become the clubs new president.

Ahlat who works with major Bankers in Ankara said he will look to lift the transfer ban and name the clubs new coach in the next week. The biggest news of the day is that Ahlat has opened membership to the fans. This is a big day in the history of the club. The fans have wanted fan membership and today is the day that it has finally arrived.

There are still some big challenges ahead, but today has been a good day for the club and we will wait to see if Bent Ahlat can deliver his promises.

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  1. Yes. Let's play the waiting game. We've been let down too often in the past to believe everything we hear.