Sunday, 1 July 2012

Melih Gokceks claims Ankaragucu are dead !

Former Ankaragucu President Melih Gokcek today claimed that Ankaragucu are dead but he has cherished the name of the club. Currently in the process of building a new team at Ankaraspor, Gokcek has angered Ankaragucu fans with his outburst. " Ankaragucu are finished, they are dead , but i have cherished the name of the club ". Gokcek will look to change the name of Ankaraspor to Ankaragucu A.S and hope that some of the Ankaragucu fans will follow him.

Along with Cemal Aydin and his son Ahmet Gokcek, these three men are responsible for the financial mess at Ankaragucu. None of them have shown any remorse for the club of 103 years and Melih continues to disrespect the club with these attention seeking outbursts.

From the Ankaragucu Iskocya Blog, please stay away from our club Melih Gokcek !!


  1. This guy seems to be someone who should stay away from all clubs, however I don't know the full background.

    It must be dreadful for 'Gucu fans to read such comments.

    Let's hope the future is brighter.

  2. Melih Gokcek is an idiot with a big ego barnsy. Unfortunately he is very powerful to and does what he wants.

    Saturday is a big day for us.