Friday, 3 August 2012

Ankaragucu add more new faces !

Ankaragucu continue to add much needed new faces to their squad as the season fast approaches. The club are still in the process of trying to lift the transfer ban which means the players haven't signed contracts. Earlier this week we revealed the club had signed Anil Gursoy from Eskisehirspor and also took two African players on trial.

The club have also signed former German youth international Timur Ozgoz from BFC Viktoria and Ustun Bilgin from Kizilakahamamspor. Both players are strikers and Timur actually had a spell with Ankaragucu in 2011 but was loaned out to Bugsas Spor. He failed to make a single appearance for Ankaragucu before returning to Germany. But now it looks like he will return to the club and sign a contract if the transfer ban is lifted.

In other news Ankaragucu will play Kizilakahamamspor on Sunday at the clubs Bestepe training facility.


  1. At last ............ some encouraging news !! However, we have been weaned on bad news for so long, so it's difficult to believe !!!

  2. i just wish the ban would be lifted and we can get back to football jim.

  3. Looking good! When are the fixtures out? I'm looking at the end of September for a visit, shall I bring my boots?


    Fixtures above barnsey. Yeah get them looked out, we can do with all the help we get lol