Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Ankaragucu season tickets to go on sale !

Ankaragucu today released the prices for this years season tickets. Prices range from 100 Turkish Lira - 150 Turkish Lira depending on where you sit. Excellent value for money compared to what you pay back here in the UK.

This weeks match will be played on Saturday night at 20:00 PM and will be shown live on TRT Spor. Club President Bent Ahlat who promised to lift the transfer ban on Monday has failed to deliver yet another promise. The transfer deadline for Turkish Teams is Saturday 1st of September so he is running out of time. Will he be yet another President who promises so much but fails to deliver ? Time will tell.

Another reminder that Saturdays match will be women and children only due to the club being handed a 1 match stadium ban for crowd trouble last season.


  1. What to say ? Sifir .......... meaning ...... fuck all !!!

    Can you feel the anger ????

  2. there is a couple of things making me angry. The first thing being the ban, especially after all we have been through.

    The second thing is the new president promising to lift the ban on three occasions. he hasnt even come out and told us whats happening.