Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Ankaragucu start season with 6 point deduction !

UEFA tonight handed Ankaragucu a 6 Point deduction for the start of their league campaign due to money owed for Roman Bednar while the striker was on loan during the Gokcek management. With the club set for another relegation battle this is another huge blow.

President Bent Ahlat has promised the transfer ban will be lifted on Friday. If he fails to deliver his promise the club could be set for their second relegation in as many years.


  1. Loved Bednar while he was here. He gave his all every match. He deserved to be paid. Thanks again, Gökçek. I think of you every time I flush.

  2. Great comment from Battle Damaged which will be echoed by all AG fans. What next me is wondering ??!!

  3. agree with Damon, Gokcek has left us with some mess. I mean how can we be 100 million lira in debt if we werent paying wages or transfer fees?