Monday, 3 September 2012

Bent Ahlat - Another President, another liar !

28th of July 2012 was the day that Bent Ahlat became the latest Ankaragucu president, his campaign included a promise that he would lift the transfer ban and open up fan membership. The congress had been postponed 3 times before Ahlat came to the table and decided to run for president. Ankaragucu had just went through the worst league campaign in their 103 year history and had debts of 100 Million Turkish Lira.

After addressing the room where the other members gathered at Tandogan, the new president made a promise to the fans of the club that he would lift the transfer ban. On three occasions he named a specific date in which he would lift the ban but on every occasion failed to deliver the promise.

His last promise came in a press conference 2 weeks ago on Ankaragucu TV in which he said he would lift the ban on the Monday morning. His words were that 98% of the issues were dealt with and the only outstanding issue was money owed to Darius Vassell. On the Monday morning there was no announcement and no lifting of the transfer ban.

It took till this Sunday for Mr Ahlat to discuss the transfer ban in which he said everything is nearly done, but Fifa will hand the club a -12 point penalty if the ban is lifted. He also stated even if we don't lift the ban we are still playing well. Ankaragucu have lost their first two league matches in which they have only managed 2 shots on goal. The team is captained by a 22 year old and the average age of the team is 20, the current squad need to take public transport in order to get to training.

Bent Ahlat has proved in his short time as President, that he is another in a long line of liars who are only at the club to make a name for them self. Cemal Aydin, Melih Gokcek, Ahmet Gokcek, Halul Ilcak, Sami Altinyua, Cengiz Topal have all made a lot of money from this club and are part for the mess at the club.

The Turkish FA an Turkish Government are not interested in helping the club, if this were one of the Istanbul 3 you have to wonder if they would have stood back and let it happen. So who is Bent Ahlat ? What is his motive ? One theory, which has been spoken of, is that Ahlat is a friend of Melih Gokcek and will make sure Ankaragucu go to Lig 2 and the club will die. That will then allow Melih Gokcek to change the name of Ankaraspor to Ankaragucu A.S and the money fans and free ticket fans will follow them.

Fans of various tribunes today pleaded with Melih Gokcek to return to the club. After the debt he has left the club with , the fans of the club are willing to let him return and clean up the mess. Only Melih Gokcek has the power and money to save this club from dying. The only question is what the plans are for Mr Gokcek.


  1. What can we say further ?

    A well put together present 'history' of the chaos surrounding our great Club by Bellshill Kanka Nadeem.

    We are all in despair and it probably needs a fans revolt like the one that Hibs Supporters put together in the 1970s when Wallace Mercer (of Hearts) tried (in vain) to take over Hibs.

    Time will tell if this happens, but it seems to me that it is heading that way !

  2. The only problem is that Cemal Aydin wont allow it to happen Jim. Its going to take a miracle for us to get out of this.

    The only 2 things that can help us is either as you say a fans buy out or dare i say it Melih Gokcek