Sunday, 30 September 2012

Bent Ahlat " We will withdraw Ankaragucu from League "

Ankaragucu president Bent Ahlat declared after todays match against Sanliurfaspor that he will withdraw Ankaragucu from the PTT League. Ankaragucu were on the wrong side of a bad referee decision yet again which saw the club loose 3-2 in Urfa.

Ahlat stated he will release a press conference on Monday or Tuesday saying we will not play in this league anymore in protest against the Federation and Referees. There is no doubting Ankaragucu have been on the wrong end of bad refereeing decisions, but what are the real reasons Bent Ahlat wants to take the team out the league ?

This is the same man who promised to lift the transfer ban but didn't, the same man who allows his youth teams to travel to matches on public transport and cant provide water for them at matches. Its clear Bent Ahlat has no money and this is a way out of the club.

Having flights booked for next weeks Kartalspor match i will be hoping this is one of the many outbursts from Bent Ahlat that come to nothing.


  1. This is a strange person it seems. To withdraw from the league? Where do they hope to go?

  2. What a load of shit and a knee jerk outpouring from this idiot !!!

    Put him in touch with Sir Alex Ferguson and ask him how many times referee decisions have gone against his team. Join the real world Mr Ahlat and come to terms with this.

    Mr Ferguson is wise enough to understand that there will always be bad days, but ...... sometimes there will be good days.

    Referees are not robots. They are human and humans make mistakes ....... don't we ??!!

  3. I think this is just a cover up for Mr Ahlat, He is looking for an excuse to get out of the club. He has no money and just wants to make a name for himself.

    Like Jim said every team gets decisions against them, unfortunately Ankaragucu are getting them every week at the moment, but they need to keep there heads up and get on with it, start defending better and finish there chances.

  4. Agreed, Nadeem. He, like so many others, is looking for a way out of taking responsibility.

    I hope this is just more hot air from Bent, like nearly everything else we've heard from him.

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