Thursday, 13 September 2012

Darius Vassell on his time at Ankaragucu part 2 !

Following on from yesterdays interview with Darius Vassell which you will find one post below in the blog, the former England International gave more of his time to speak of his time at the club he still loves. Vassell currently without a club is looking to move abroad for his next move and spoke of his wish to return to Ankaragucu and finish his career there with a stable management.

Ankaragucu Iskocya - Hi Darius, the first part of what we discussed is now up on the blog. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Darius Vassell - Thanks Nadeem, the support is incredible, I would love to come back and finish my career there under a stable management. Amidst the chaos surrounding the club it was the fans who guided me. I always tried to remain silent about the issues, our of respect for the club, its not good for players to always talk bad.

My take on the management was... under the Cengiz Topal regime, I felt a core history for the club, not a lot of money but players who kept quiet and worked hard for the club and kept a good team spirit. I remember a big group of us including Ceyhun , Semavi and a host of other players going out to a fish restaurant after training to eat together. Training facilities weren't great but we were a team working towards the same goal. Under the Gokcek regime there was a lot of promise and a lot of hope. It was the first time that I had received anything with regards to money and it looked like the club were really going somewhere.

The Gokceks possibly didn't like me at first, but made an effort to assure me of their intent and no one could deny the potential of their signings. Unfortunately the team was being ripped apart and in loosing the core of Ankaragucu we were also building which felt both good and bad at the time. I personally felt like an important player so I was able to adapt, but to all the players who were being released etc im sure they felt different. Broken promises were part of both regimes at Ankaragucu and its a shame the club could not benefit from the huge pool of players that we had from two teams. Now it seems a shame as they are in no better position, worse in fact than they were before.

Like I said, its the management who have the answers, not the players. The four players you mentioned (Baki Mermicek, Mehmet Cakir, Muhammet Hanifi, and myself) we signed contracts to play football, we are not bankers or insurers with power to save a football club. Having a strong management is the only way a club can succeed. Yes they may say its difficult, but they should try playing football and see how they do. We all have our part to play.

Ankaragucu Iskcoya - Thank you Darius for your reply, we wanted to give you the opportunity to let the fans know your side of the story as the fans still worship you.


  1. Wise words from the great man himself ..... Darius Vassell.

    You can be sure that if he ever does return to Ankaragucu then there will be considerably more than 3,000 this time at Esenboga Airport to greet him !!!

    We kankas in Ankara wish him success in the future.

  2. Agreed Jim. It would be nice to make it back to the Super Lig under fan ownership. Darius to Return and be paid his money owed. We can but dream.

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