Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Gule Gule Ediz !

As reported today on the Blog, former Ankaragucu defender Ediz Bahtiyaroglu died last night of a heart attack. In tradition with the Muslim religion Ediz was buried today and had a fantastic turn out of family, fans and team mates. 

Former Ankaragucu player Darius Vassell left a message on his own website passing on his sympathy to the family of Ediz and was joined by former players and President Bent Ahlat. Former captain Hurriyet Gucer had to be consoled at the funeral by Serol Demirhan after loosing his best friend. The father of Ediz also shown below lost his son, something that no father should have to do.

Ediz joins former Ankaragucu striker Antonio De Negris in heaven and we will pray for the family of both players and thank them for what they have given in their short but memorable life's. Goodbye Ediz.


  1. What more can be said.

    He was a great servant to Ankaragucu, and from all of us, our hearts go out to his family.

    btw, I heard about this sad event from a Galatasaray supporter in The Red Lion Club tonight and that is the depth of feeling throughout Turkey for this young man and his family.

  2. heartbreaking to see Jim. Ahmet Gokcek was at the funeral and there have been calls to pay the outstanding debts owed to Ediz during his management.

    Although its to late for the player, the money would help the family.

  3. Our hearts do indeed go out to his family and friends. Hopefully his family will see the money that he had earned.